Adamanterrapin Terror

Disclaimer : Event information was obtained from JP websites. The information provided might differ from the event that will be held in the Global version of the game

The gigantic beast Adamanterrapin awaits in the mysterious tower between dimensions. Crush the fiends that stand in your way, defeat the Adamanterrapin, and make your way to the top of the tower! The higher you climb, the stronger the enemies become! How far can you go?


Players can participate in this event by choosing the new Region “Battle Tower| Adamanterrapin Terror” from the world map. Players can only progress one stage at a time and only in one direction. Be cautious with your preparation as there is no teleportation area in between the stages. At the end of a floor, an Adamanterrapin will always appear.

The aim of players is to reach the top of the mysterious tower. Each subsequent level will feature stronger enemies.


There is a treasure box each 5 floors

5th floor3000 Gil
10th floor7000 Gil
15th floorAbility Ticket × 1
Metal Cactuar × 1
20th floorCrystal × 1
25th floorAbility Ticket × 1
Elixir × 1
30th floorCrystal × 1
35th floorAbility Ticket × 1
Phoenix Down × 1
40th floorCrystal × 1
45th floorAbility Ticket × 2
50th floorCrystal × 1
Summon Ticket × 1

There are also rewards given based on the ranking of players at the end of the event. Besides the top 200,000 receiving one crystal, the table below lists the extra reward received based on your rank.

1 to 500 Ability Ticket × 50
Crystal x 10
501 to 1,000 Ability Ticket × 30
Crystal x10
1,001 to 3,000Ability Ticket × 15
Crystal x5
3,001 to 10,000Ability Ticket x9
Crystal x3
10,001 and lowerAbility Ticket x3
Crystal x2

If you can’t make the list, don’t fret as those that achieve a battle score of more than 100,000 gets one summon ticket and if above 200,000, you get a crystal. The battle score is not limited to the event regions. You can receive the rewards if you achieve the point outside of the event region.

Ability Cards

The Adamanterrapin card is a 3 Earth Warrior card with the ability “Earth Sword” that is a single hit earth attack. It cannot be augmented and it is generally used as a fusion material for the 3 Onion Knight card as it has the same ability and can be augmented to 4☆.

The Adamantium card is a 3 Augment material card a high skillseed fusion success rate for Earth elemental cards. Its success rate is similar to that of a 3 Cactuar.


  • The Adamanterrapin is an earth attribute boss so prepare your deck accordingly.
  • There are a lot of mobs in the level 50 floor where there are large 5 mobs that appear at the same time.
  • Adamanterrapin behaviour pattern is
    • Fight: Damage
    • Stonega: Medium Earth Damage
    • Stoneja: Large Earth damage
    • Big Impact: Large Earth Damage
    • Seismic: Preparation for big impact on the next turn
    • Boost: Attack power up
    • Barrier: Defense power up
  • JP guides recommend either the Thief, Black Mage or Dark Knight jobs for this event. Abilities recommended are breaking abilities, Fenrir for stuns and breaks, Boost for increased damage and score and heals.


Note that the HP and Offensive power is the same for each 10 levels for the Adamanterrapin.

AreaStaminaBattlesRewardsHPOffensive Power
1st - 4th floor53~8000~90
5th floor533000 Gil
6th - 9th floor53
10th floor537000 Gil
11st - 14th floor64~12000~135
15th floor64Ability ticket × 1
Metal Cactuar × 1
16th - 19th floor64
20th floor64Crystal × 1
21st - 24th floor74~17000~200
25th floor74Ability Ticket × 1
Elixir × 1
26th - 29th floor75
30th floor75Crystal × 1
31st - 34th floor85~21000~250
35th floor85Ability Ticket × 1
Phoenix Down × 1
36th - 39th floor85
40th floor85Crystal × 1
41st - 44th floor96~25000~300
45th floor96Ability ticket × 2
46th - 49th floor96
Peak96Crystal × 1
Summons ticket × 1