Witness the Chocobocalypse

Disclaimer : Event information was obtained from JP websites. The information provided might differ from the event that will be held in the Global version of the game

Chocobos are itching for a fight with the Warriors of Light! Players better be armed to the teeth, because the Chocobos are ready to rumble!


Chocobos are waiting at areas marked with the boss icon! Make sure to pay attention to the color of the icon so that you can set your cards accordingly to take advantage of the Chocobo’s element.

The “Chocobo Feather” can be collected by defeating the Chocobos that appears in dungeons marked with the boss icon. These also drop once you have progressed a certain amount in the dungeon.

In addition, Chocobos may drop a rare item called “Lucky Feather” which open locks to areas that have valuable loots! Note that this item appears to have an increased drop rate when encountering Gold and Silver Chocobos.


Chocobo Chick!
Chocobo Chick!
Chocobo Family
Chocobo Family

All players who complete the necessary dungeons will receive the Chocobo chick and Chocobo family fairies!

Rewards list are as such:-

Secret Shade 1Elixir
Secret Shade 2Ability Tickets x 2
Secret Shade 3Chocobo Chick
Secret Shade 4Crystal x 1
Secret Shade 5Chocobo Family

Ability Cards

Red Chocobo ★ 2Fire
Blue Chocobo ★ 2Ice Sword
Green Chocobo ★ 2Wind Fang
Yellow Chocobo ★ 2Earth Fang
Silver Chocobo ★ 2Lesser Barrier
Gold Chocobo ★ 3Barrier


  • The Gold Chocobo and Silver Chocobo are random and appears in battle every now and then. They only appear in the area highlighted below



Areas marked with a ★ are teleportable

Area NameStaminaBattlesRewards
★ Gyshal Greenlands 143
★ Gyshal Greenlands 244
★ Gyshal Greenlands 344
★ Gyshal Greenlands 443
Secret Shade 144Elixir x 1
Secret Shade 244Mythril x 100
Secret Shade 344Chocobo Chick
Secret Shade 444Crystal x 1
Secret Shade 544Chocobo Family
★ Tantalum Forest 163
Tantalum Forest 263
★ Tantalum Forest 363
Tantalum Forest 463
Forest Hidden Path53
★ Mimetto Desert 183
Mimetto Desert 283
★ Mimetto Desert 383
Mimetto Desert 483
Desert Hidden Path 183
Desert Hidden Path 283
★ Shirukisu Mountains 1103
Shirukisu Mountains 2103
★ Shirukisu Mountains 3103
Shirukisu Mountains 4103
Mountain Hidden Path 1103
Mountain Hidden Path 2103
Mountain Hidden Path 3103

Unlock requirements

AreaUnlock Requirements
Secret Shade 1Chocobo Feather x 10
Secret Shade 2Chocobo Feather x 30
Secret Shade 3Chocobo Feather x 60
Secret Shade 4Chocobo Feather x 150
Secret Shade 5Lucky Feather x 20

Special OST

To commemorate this event, a special OST will be played during this event. The name of this OST is Fight de Chocobo.

Link to the song on youtube : https://youtu.be/0hnzTcbgG6M

Lyrics are below



Manmaru o-me-me ni kiiroi shippo
Dai kōbutsu wa gisāru yasai
cho cho cho choko choko chokobo ~
kimi to issho ni Kue tto faito!
No o koe yamagoe umi koete
kimi to issho ni doko made mo
yumetokibō o nosete jikū koete
kakenukete ku yo
fainaru fantajī
faito de chokobo
mebiusu fantajī
faito de chokobo
cho cho cho choko choko
chokobo ~
choko choko Kue tto faito!
Choko choko Kue tto faito!
Choko choko Kue tto faito!
Choko choko Kue tto faito!
Jikū koete kimi to issho ni
mebiusu fantajī
faito de chokobo

Your perfectly round eyes
Yellow tail
Favourite food, Gyshal greens
Cho, cho cho, choco chocho
Chocobo ~
Together we will fight with you!
Beyond mountains, beyond seas, beyond the field
Anywhere, together with you
Sharing our hopes and dreams
Running across beyond space and time
Final Fantasy
Fight de Chocobo
Mobius fantasy
Fight de Chocobo

Cho, cho cho, choco chocho

Chocobo ~

Choco-Choco-Together Fight!
Choco-Choco-Together Fight!

Choco-Choco-Together Fight!
Choco-Choco-Together Fight!

Together with you beyond space and time

Mobius Fantasy
Fight de Chocobo