This page will explain about the multiplayer boss, Hashmal. Note that the data here is from JP.

Stage Information

DifficultyEnemy attributeStaminaStagesTime limitMaterial Farm
Earth attribute10130 minutesHashmal's nail
★★Earth attribute20130 minutesHashmal's armor
Hashmal's nail
★★★Fire and earth attribute30130 minutesCrystal stone
Hashmal's armor
Hashmal's nail
* Crystal stone requires all guardians to be defeated

Boss Information

Element Earth attribute
Status ResistanceSlow (Action decrease)
Guardian A (attacker) element Earth attribute
Guardian B (supporter) element Fire attribute

Hashmal’s AI

AttackPhysical damage (attack)
Rock You(?)Physical damage (attack)
StonegaEarth attribute damage (magic)
SandstormEarth attribute damage (magic)
* Usually after break
The earth tremblesPreparation for Wrath of the Earth as its next turn
Wrath of the Earth Massive earth attribute damage (magic)

Guardian A’s AI

StoneEarth attribute damage (magic)
StonegaEarth attribute damage (magic)
DefaithReduces Magic
SlowReduces number of action taken

Guardian B’s AI

EsunaAbnormal state recovery
BarrierIncreases defense
BraveIncreases attack
BerserkIncreases attack and magic while sacrificing defense
HasteIncreases number of actions taken

Material Exchange



  • Hashmal is resistant to slow but is not resistant to debrave and unfaith debuffs. While he can be stunned, its best if you bring cards that can inflict such debuffs.
  • It is recommended to defeat Guardian B first due to the large number of buffs it can use to buff Hashmal. The damage becomes threatening when Hashmal is under all those buffs coupled with Haste.