Infinite Arena

Disclaimer : Event information was obtained from JP websites. The information provided might differ from the event that will be held in the Global version of the game

If you think you have the right stuff, then come gather at the battle arena surrounded by scorching sands! Test your strength in endless competitions! Glorious rewards await the victors!


To proceed in this event, you will need large amounts of the “Goddess Mark” item which can be obtained from joining the arena.

You can obtain a random amount of “Goddess Mark” between 0 – 100 after the battle ends. This event is considered quite grueling by the JP players as a total of 2070 Goddess Marks are required to unlock all areas


Rewards list is as such:-

AreaStaminaBattle RoundsRewards
Arc de Triomphe1 (12)3Gil × 10000
Goddess Barrier1 (12)3Gil × 2000
Goddess Courage1 (12)2Fire Seed x 2000
Goddess Bravery1 (12)2Wind Seed x 2000
Goddess Honour1 (12)3Water Seed x 2000
Goddess Fights1 (12)2Earth Seed x 2000
Goddess Victory1 (12)3Elixir x 1
Goddess Glory1 (12)2Phoenix Down x 1
Goddess Throne15 (20)3Summon Ticket x 1
Crystal x 1
Demon Barrier2 (14)2Elixir x 1
Demon Courage2 (14)23★ Metal Cactuar × 1
Demon Bravery2 (14)23★ Metal Cactuar × 1
Demon Honour2 (14)3Elixir × 2
Demon Fights2 (14)3Phoenix x 2
Demon Victory2 (14)3Mythril x 100
Demon Glory2 (14)2Ability Ticket x 3
Demon Throne15 (20)3Summon Ticket x 1
Crystal x 1
Devil Barrier3 (16)3Ability Ticket x 2
Devil Courage3 (16)24★ Cactuar × 1
Devil Bravery3 (16)34★ Metal Cactuar × 1
Devil Honour3 (16)34★ Gigantuar × 1
Devil Fights3 (16)24★ Metal Gigantuar × 1
Devil Victory3 (16)3Mythril x 300
Devil Glory3 (16)3Ability Ticket x 5
Devil Throne15 (20)3Summon Ticket x 2
Crystal x 2

Arena Bosses

BossAbility CardsElement
Evil LichBlizzardEarth/ Water
Dual LichIcefangEarth/ Water
Imperial LichIce SwordEarth/ Water
BehemothLesser Ice CrossWater
Baby BehemothLesser Ice BurstWater
Shadow DragonLesser FirajaFire


  • This event has links with the Pictologica Collaboration whereby cards can be upgraded through the event here.
  • The degree of difficulty is from “Goddess area” (easy) to “Demon area” (hard) to “Devil area” (difficult)


Areas marked with a ★ are teleportable

Area NameStaminaBattlesRewards
★ Infinite Arena82
Tutorial (first time only)103Goddess Mark x 5
Elementary level103Goddess Mark x 5
Intermediate Level203Goddess Mark x 10
Adept Level283Goddess Mark x 30

Unlock requirements

AreaUnlock Requirements
Arc de TriompheGoddess Mark x 5
Goddess BarrierGoddess Mark x 5
Goddess CourageGoddess Mark x 5
Goddess BraveryGoddess Mark x 5
Goddess HonourGoddess Mark x 10
Goddess FightsGoddess Mark x 10
Goddess VictoryGoddess Mark x 10
Goddess GloryGoddess Mark x 10
Goddess ThroneComplete Goddess Area
Demon BarrierGoddess Mark x 20
Demon CourageGoddess Mark x 20
Demon BraveryGoddess Mark x 20
Demon HonourGoddess Mark x 100
Demon FightsGoddess Mark x 100
Demon VictoryGoddess Mark x 200
Demon GloryGoddess Mark x 200
Demon ThroneComplete Demon Area
Devil BarrierGoddess Mark x 50
Devil CourageGoddess Mark x 50
Devil BraveryGoddess Mark x 50
Devil HonourGoddess Mark x 200
Devil FightsGoddess Mark x 200
Devil VictoryGoddess Mark x 400
Devil GloryGoddess Mark x 400
Devil ThroneComplete Devil Area