As of now, I have no idea what jobs are included in the initial release. Please check back often as I’ll be constantly updating this page.

Elements – The Element orbs that the Job can produce. Which means that you should not include cards of other elements as you will never be able to cast it.


Image Job How to get Element
onion_knight Onion Knight Complete Tutorial Fire_elementWater_elementEarth_element
warrior Warrior Summons Fire_elementWater_elementEarth_element
 knight Knight Summons Fire_elementWind_elementEarth_element
 dark knight Dark Knight Summons  Fire_elementWater_elementWind_element
 samurai Samurai Summons Water_elementWind_elementEarth_element
 dragoon Dragoon Summons Fire_elementWater_elementEarth_element



Image Job How to get Element
Apprentice_mage Apprentice Mage Complete Tutorial  Fire_elementWater_elementWind_element
mage Mage Summons Fire_elementWater_elementWind_element
white_mage White Mage Summons Fire_elementWater_elementEarth_element
black_mage Black Mage Summons Water_elementWind_elementEarth_element
redmage Red Mage Summons Fire_elementWind_elementEarth_element
scholar Scholar Summons Fire_elementWater_elementWind_element



Image Job How to get Element
Neophyte_ranger Neophyte Ranger Complete Tutorial Water_elementWind_elementEarth_element
ranger Ranger Summons Water_elementWind_elementEarth_element
hunter Hunter Summons Fire_elementWater_elementWind_element
thief Thief Summons Fire_elementWind_elementEarth_element
assasin Assasin Summons Fire_elementWater_elementEarth_element
dancer Dancer Summons Water_elementWind_elementEarth_element