This page will explain about the multiplayer boss, Odin. Note that the data here is from JP.

Stage Information

DifficultyEnemy attributeStaminaStagesTime limitMaterial Farm
Wind attribute10130 minutesOdin's nail
★★Wind attribute20130 minutesOdin's armor
Odin's nail
★★★Wind and water attributes30130 minutesCrystal stone of Odin
Odin's armor
Odin's nail
* Crystal stone requires all guardians to be defeated
★★★★Wind and water attributes50230 minutesCrystal stone of Odin
Odin's armor
Odin's Secret

Boss Information

Element Wind attribute
Status ResistanceStun
Guardian A (attacker) element Wind attribute
Guardian B (supporter) element Water attribute

Odin’s AI

AttackPhysical damage (attack)
AerogaAoE wind damage (magic)
SenjinSingle wind damage (magic)
Death Reaper TransformationUsed after break recovery
BölverkrSingle wind damage (magic)
Death Ripper GrandeurAoE wind damage (magic)
AwakeningStatus up after guardians are defeated
Mortal yellPreparation for Zantentsukan
ZantentsukanLarge AoE wind damage (magic)
True ZantentsukanExtreme AoE wind damage (magic)

Guardian A’s AI

AeroWind attribute damage (magic)
AerogaAoE Wind attribute damage (magic)
Null DefenseDefense is nullified and attacks bypass it

Guardian B’s AI

EsunaAbnormal state recovery
WallDefense Nullification
RegenPeriodic HP recovery

Material Exchange


  • Odin is resistant to stun but is not resistant to slow and unfaith debuffs. It is recommended to bring cards that can inflict such debuffs.
  • Zantentsukan and True Zantentsukan deals extremely high damage to the team so ensure that he is debuffed with unfaith before he is able to launch those attacks.
  • As Guardian B has access to Esuna, care must be taken to ensure that it doesn’t dispel the debuffs placed on Odin. Null defense by Guardian A is also a concern as there is a danger of annihilation if precautionary steps are not taken.