PuPu Attacks!

Disclaimer : Event information was obtained from JP websites. The information provided might differ from the event that will be held in the Global version of the game

Strange alien life forms have landed on Palamecia! Do they come in peace, or is this a vanguard to an invasion force? (Hint: They aren’t friendly!) Muster all your strength to repel these invaders from outer space!


Map of the dungeon

The PuPu comes in large numbers and are formidable enemies. To progress in this event, the “Soul of PuPu” is required to be collected. Enemies will increase in difficulty as you progress in the dungeon. However, the key item still drops at the start of the dungeon so you can still enjoy the event even though you have just started the game!

The “Soul of PuPu” can be collected by defeating the Unidentified Flying Object that appears in dungeons marked with the boss icon. The boss icons will be focused only in a few areas so beginners will be able to farm them if they are unable to progress to much more advanced areas. However, there is a chance that the UFO doesn’t appear as well!


Each player will get the chance to earn one crystal if they are able to collect 100 “Soul of PuPu”

PuPu Fairy
UFO Fairy

There are also special drops from the event that can give you limited edition fairies!

Besides that, there was a “5 Million PuPu Defeated” campaign where the cumulative total UFO kills of all players participating in the event will be tabulated and rewards will be given out (This might not happen for global). After 5 million kills, each subsequent 1 million kills will net one summon ticket each!

Rewards list are as such:-

2,000,000Phoenix Down
3,000,000Mystic Tablet × 3
4,000,000Ability ticket × 2

Ability Cards

The PuPu card is a 1 Support card with the ability “Wind Force” that forces only wind elemental orbs to appear for 3 turns. It cannot be augmented and its ability can only be levelled up to level 2 to reduce its cooldown duration from 8 turns to 7 turns. The card has an unlockable “HP recovery amount increase by 10%” passive.

The UFO card is a 2 Support card with the ability “Wind Shift” that changes all orbs in possession to wind elemental orbs. It cannot be augmented and its ability can only be levelled up to level 3 to reduce its cooldown duration from 8 turns to 6 turns. The card has an unlockable “HP recovery amount increase by 10%” passive and a passive “elemental support that increases elemental orbs that appear by 2 when an ability is used”.


  • Be sure to defeat the UFO and collect the key item “Soul of PuPu”
  • Enemies that appear in this event are PuPu (wind) and UFO (wind)
  • PuPu that appear in “Mysterious address 3 No. 0” onwards have strong abilities such as Aeroga Barrage after the dialogue “What should I do?” and also Aerora.
  • PuPu that appears in “Strange Foreigner” have strong abilities such as Aeroga 2 Barrage after the dialogue “What should I do?”. Be sure to have wind resistance in your elemental drive or break it fast!
  • JP players have tried to determine the efficiency of farming the key items and it was determined that the first area is the best. For the calculation, in the case of an expected probability of 99% to have a UFO encounter
AreaStaminaEncounter RateMedal CountEfficiency
Mysterious Address 14100%10.250
Mysterious Address 2466%20.125
Mysterious Address 3650%40.095
Mysterious Address 4833%50.057


Area NameStaminaBattlesRewards
Mysterious address 1 No. 1 42
Mysterious address 1 No. 242
Mysterious address 1 No. 342
Mysterious address 2 No. 041Soul of PuPu × 3
(Special drop : Elixir)
Mysterious address 2 No. 142
Mysterious address 2 No. 242
Mysterious address 2 No. 342
Mysterious address 3 No. 041Soul of PuPu × 10
(Special drop : PuPu Fairy)
Mysterious address 3 No. 163
Mysterious address 3 No. 263
Mysterious address 3 No. 363
Mysterious address 4 No. 041Soul of PuPu × 25
(Special drop : Crystal)
Mysterious address 4 No. 184
Mysterious address 4 No. 284
Mysterious address 4 No. 384
Mysterious address 4 No. 484
Strange Foreigner41Soul of PuPu × 50
(Special drop : UFO Fairy)