This page will explain about the multiplayer boss, Shiva. Note that the data here is from JP.

Stage Information

DifficultyEnemy attributeStaminaStagesTime limitMaterial Farm
Water attribute10130 minutesShiva's nail
★★Water attribute20130 minutesShiva's armor
Shiva's nail
★★★Wind and water attributes30130 minutesCrystal stone of Shiva
Shiva's armor
Shiva's nail
* Crystal stone requires all guardians to be defeated
★★★★Wind and water attributes50230 minutesCrystal stone of Shiva
Shiva's armor
Shiva's Kiss

Boss Information

Element Water attribute
Status ResistancePoison
Guardian A (attacker) element Water attribute
Guardian B (supporter) element Wind attribute

Shiva’s AI

BlizzardSingle ice damage (magic)
BlizzagaAoE ice damage (magic)
WhiteoutSingle ice damage (magic)
Freeze the atmospherePreparation for Diamond Dust
Diamond DustExtreme AoE ice damage (magic)
Heavenly StrikeLarge AoE ice damage (magic)
AwakeningStatus up after guardians are defeated
Frozen smileAfter break recovery. Preparation for Ice Brand
Ice BrandSingle ice damage (magic)

Guardian A’s AI

BlizzardIce attribute damage (magic)
BlizzagaAoE Ice attribute damage (magic)
StunInflicts stun on a single target
DebarrierReduces defense of a single target

Guardian B’s AI

HasteIncreases actions per turn
WallDefense Nullification
SnipeIncreases critical chance

Material Exchange


  • As Shiva is only resistant to poison, it is recommended to bring cards that can inflict a myriad of debuffs to bring her down faster such as debarrier, null defense, slow and stun.
  • As her moveset is purely on the magical side, it is recommended to bring cards that can inflict “Unfaith” to reduce damage taken.
  • You will be taking a lot of damage so it is advisable to have a supporter with a card that has the buff “Barrier”. Defenders that can drive ice orbs are also recommended.
  • It is of utmost importance to debuff her before she is able to cast Diamond Dust as without precautionary steps, it can result in a Game Over.