This page will explain about the multiplayer boss, Ifrit. Note that the data here is from JP.

Stage Information

DifficultyEnemy attributeStaminaStagesTime limitMaterial Farm
Fire attribute10130 minutesSicarius' nail
★★Fire attribute20130 minutesSicarius' armor
Sicarius' nail
★★★Fire and earth attribute30130 minutesCrystal stone
Sicarius' armor
Sicarius' nail
* Crystal stone requires all guardians to be defeated

Boss Information

Element Fire attribute
Status ResistanceDebarrier (Defense reduction)
Guardian A (attacker) element Fire attribute
Guardian B (supporter) element Earth attribute

Ifrit’s AI

AttackPhysical damage (attack)
Ifrit punchTwo-hit physical damage (attack)
FiragaFire attribute damage (magic)
MeteorFire attribute damage (magic)
BackdraftFire attribute damage (magic)
* Usually after break
Open the Caldron of Hell ...Preparation for Inferno as its next turn
InfernoMassive fire attribute damage (magic)

Guardian A’s AI

FiragaFire attribute damage (magic)
DefaithReduces Magic
UnguardNullifies Defense

Guardian B’s AI

WallNullifies damage
BarrierIncreases defense
SnipeIncreases critical chance


  • As “Debarrier” does not work, it is advised to pack up on other debuff abilities.
  • Ensure that you increase your attack and magic just before you break the boss. After that, unleash your ultimates and ice-elemental abilities to inflict massive damage on him. Using the “Weaken” ability increases the damage potential even further.
  • It is recommended to defeat the guardians when Ifrit’s HP is low. Best chain of action is Defeat guardians > Break Ifrit > Kill Ifrit.
  • It is reported that attacking with Fire elemental attacks will heal Ifrit.