User Interface

Basic Interface


No. Details
1 Player Information
Player Level – Ievel up to increase maximum Stamina
Gil – Ingame Currency.
Magicite – Cashshop Currency. Can get 1 every 5 mins (max storage 100), Expires in 14 days
2 Your current Location
3 Teleport
4 Zoom to your current location
5 You can only teleport to places indicated by the bigger circle
6 Random Boss Appearance. You will unlock the Boss on random places once you killed it for the first time in story mode.
7 Menu
Cards – Manage your Decks, Fusion, Sell, Catalogs
Social – Ranking, Login Bonus, Friend followings
Shop – Purchase Magicite, Purchase Gift Box, Item Shop, Ability Shop, Summons
Etc – Settings, Achievements, Support, Reset Data, T&C
8 Home – Return to the main chapter you are on, Present Box and News


Battle UI


No. Details
1 Score – Receive when you deal or receive damage. Get more Skillseeds with higher scores
Battle – Number of battles per stage
2 Elemental Orbs – Gain randomly every time you deal damage
3 Ability Bar – Cast abilities when you gain enough elemental orbs
4 Monster’s HP Bar and Element
5 Element Ring – Shows which elemental orb will lightly be produced
6 Element Drive – Increase Resistance of the chosen element
7 HP Bar, Ultimate Bar, Target View (Changing target), Auto Battle